Let the games begin!

Magic and wonder have faded from the realm of Orim. As the human race developed industry, focus shifted from the power of the arcane and divine to that of steam and oil. Villages and keeps were soon replaced by expansive metropolises. Carts were soon replaced with automotive vehicles and mankind could soar in the sky, not with a spell but inside a flying machine.

This industrial age led to a new era that no longer had use for the adventurer’s of old. Forgotten treasures were no longer worth the wealth that manufacturing and trade could produce. The civilized races replaced with blood feuds with trade routes struck deals that would benefit all parties. The savage races were driven back into the shadows and forests and forgotten.

Prosperity was the new norm. The citizens of the new kingdoms were well taken care of and had luxeries like their ancestors could never imagine. But there was something missing. The people had lost a spark that made them feel truly alive.

Then, centuries later, a scholar name Enrich Frand found the forgotten scrolls in the archives. Lost tales of heroics and brave deeds or warriors and rogues from ages past. He was immediately captivated by the strange tales of men, armed with only their strength and their wit, fighting horrible monsters against all odds. He knew that these heroes were what the people lacked.

That night he dreamt of himself, adorned with chainmail armor, delving deep into a forgotten tomb. He fought off demons, and spiders and goblins. Then, when he finally entered the final chamber, the great dragon breathed its fiery breath that consumed his body. Enrich awoke with a start. He was scared half to death from the images in his dream, but he never felt so alive.

Not long after, the XCrawl Games began. The games were a modern test inspired by the heroes of old. Each dungeon consists of a series of challenges that teams compete to race through with the best score. Teams are graded on time, monsters killed, treasure discovered and traps avoided. Points are lost by failing to overcome obstacles and player death. It is a brutal and lethal game that will test body and mind of all participants.

You are all members of the Port City Treants, a team in the Northeast division of the Hyrillian Conference. A fairly new team, you’ve never been able to make it to the Conference Finals. your new coach, Aldrich Brean, has high hopes that he can lead you to a National and even Realm Championship.

Tournament of Heroes

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