Additional Rules


Every character will get the edge “Common Bond” for free. Bennies given to other characters in this way receive a plus 1 bonus to the reroll. These bennies can not be asked for, but must be offered. If there is any discussion including asking “Should I use a Benny?” aloud, then the benny used must be from the player’s own supply.


An additional skill that is available for this adventure is Fame. When choosing Fame as a skill, you can decide which of your base stats to use for it. Are you famous for how you use your strength in the games? How you can jump around the field?

Fame can be used in social situations to try and get into clubs, get free stuff, sponsorships, etc. It can also be used in combat to try and pump up the crowd to give bonuses in future rounds.

Magic items

When creating a magic user, your characters personal powers will be very limited and he will rely on the use of magic items for his powers. Mechanically speaking, this means that the only arcane background available is ‘Weird Science.’ Flavor-wise however it is a ‘Rod of Fireblast’ or ‘Necklace of Protection.’

In addition, your character can cast one or two minor cantrips. These would be such things as cast light or create sound. Nothing that would cause damage, but might confuse or distract an opponent. Just talk to me about what you have in mind.

Additional Rules

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